The Park Family Genealogies

The genealogy of Noah Park (1742-1815) and Anna Reed (1746-1833)

The following outline shows the genealogy of Noah Park, great-grandson of Roger Park, and Noah’s wife, Anna Reed, for whom we have little information. Please contact the webmaster if you have any information that can help with this list.

Names in yellow represent new names in the extended family that have been or could be passed on to further generations. Only the first occurrences of those names appear. Names with links to other genealogies are blue and are in small capitals. Click on any such name to view that person's genealogy.

Noah Park (1742-1815) m. 1767 Anna Reed (1746-1833)

  1. Hannah Park (1770-????) m. ca. 1789 John Wyatt (Wiatt)
  2. Ebenezer Park (1768-1854) m. (1) 1791 Elizabeth Wyatt (Wiatt)
    Ebenezer m. (2) 1820 Sally (Sarah) Poole
  3. Rachel Park (1774-1850) m.1793 Thomas Wyatt (Wiatt)
  4. Mary Polk Park (c. 1776 bef. 1845) m. 1795 Leonard Kaylor (Kaler)
  5. Amos L. Park (c. 1777-1856) m. 1800 Margaret (Molly) Briggs
  6. Noah Jr. Park (1779-1829) m. 1799 Joanna Peeler
  7. Elizabeth (Betsy) Park (c. 1781-????) m.c. 1801 Nathan Morgan, Jr.
  8. Jesse Park (c. 1770-1837) m. Sarah Todd (1781-ca. 1860)
  9. Sarah Park (1785-1844) m. 1804 James Morgan
  10. John Davis M. Park (1785-1838) m. 1813 Mary (Polly) Bean